The Great Maldito

Thou shall not bitch

No worries

My mom was the one who taught me the power and will to save money. Its not always that you will have all the good times in the world, there will always be a time when financial difficulty will hit you big time. Crawling back to financial stability take months and years especially these times when global recession is still on among all countries. Lots of companies, businesses and even small time entrepreneurs are filing bankruptcies to avoid further looses. Good thing is, you dont have to own a company just to try  filing bankruptcy.  If you have a lot of debts that you can’t even try to breath properly now, there is a debt settlement that you can try.


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4 thoughts on “No worries

  1. ahh advertising pala to maldito. hehehe

    pero tingin ko ang uubos ng ipon ay ang pagkakasakit. hmmmmm

  2. legit ba tong mga payday loans/cash advance na to pre?

  3. naks, may bayad ba ang pag-aadvertise mo nito??? hehe

  4. walang pakealaman! trabaho lamang!ahahaha

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