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Juliet Bid Him Goodbye

A man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it
only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved.

– Viktor E. Frankl

I wore black from top to bottom as I stand before him. Lifeless, muted and cold. I tried to talk to him, but all I can hear is the echo of my own voice. I want to touch him for the last time but all we have is a glass that separates us. I embraced the cold wood that encapsulates him. ‘Tay… all that I can speak.

She was there standing opposite of me. She did not utter a single word as she held my little sister in her trembling arms. Silent tears flowed in her eyes down to her cheeks that signify her unbearable pain of losing her behalf. It breaks my heart when I saw my little sister’s eyes. There’s innocence. There’s hundred of questions lying and hiding on those two cute little eyes. There’s a child. Slowly killed by the tragedy.

She called his name. I barely heard it. But what made me cry is the sound of the voice that called his name. It was full of pain. Like a balloon full of goodbyes bursting inside a happy room. It was like yesterday I heard her humming her favorite line, “just another woman in love, a kid out of school” to him. It was heartfelt. She was in love.

It broke my heart seeing her. My every soul torn apart as each of her tears wetted the glass on my father’s casket.

“Nay kaya mo yan” I whispered in silence. I felt my body going weak. Negativity and the gloom feeling gotten over me.

She called his name again while men in dark uniform pushed him inside the abyss of darkness. I’m sure it is cold there. He will be alone for long. My mom sung her hymn of letting go to the man she fell in love with for the last time. Clutching the roses in her shaking hands, she let them go together with his man.

And I never heard her singing again.

**In the memory of his death. July, 1998.

PS:I wanna share this video to you guys. Enjoy!

click here


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29 thoughts on “Juliet Bid Him Goodbye

  1. I remember same scenario with my Mom. When she passed away, all my father could say was her name. And I couldn’t help to cry when he said, go to the light Mommy, go to Jesus…

  2. A beautiful piece not only in memory of your father and to those who live by his memory but also to all others like who read this… thank you for sharing! 😀

  3. It’s been long years na din pla…pero I still feel the pain in you..cguro nga gnun tlga kahit na sabihin mong matagal nang nawala yung isang taong pinakamamahal mo yung pain na nararamdaman mo parang laging kahapon lng nangyari yun.. (T_T)

    thanks for sharing this.

    • Ikay, basta mahal mo ang isang tao, kahit na gaanu katagal pa ang pangyayari, it will always bring back the old feelings. The hurt, the pain, the happiness and all of the emotions you experienced sa sandaling magkasama kayo. Yun nga lang, even by the sound of my fathers name, naiiyak parin ako.

  4. Wow! Umi-english.. ayos ah! ^_^

  5. pano mo nababago ang ganun ganun na lng ang emosyon ko sa bawat post mo?

    gusto kong ihug si nanay mo saka ung little sister mo:-)

    salamat sa pagshare mo ng isang malungkot na part ng buhay mo…

    • because one way or the other you can see yourself in me. theres a special connection between us that even with just simple words can affect you and me. Life indeed connect people with an invisible string. For words are powerful, only few people know how to use it.

      Nosebleed ka ba anne?aahahhahaa….

      PS: My mom would love a bit of comfort from people on this month. Its his death anniversary. Nevertheless, i hope my mom already moved on.

  6. was on the same shoes 15yrs back.

    and i know, looking back on that day will always bring the same feeling..

    thanks for sharing…

  7. 😦

    naiyak ako sa video puta ka!

  8. This is beautiful.
    This is probably how my boyfriend felt when he lost his dad three months ago. Although he’s trying to move on, simple reminders of his father makes him cry again. Thank you.

    • Condolence sa bf mo sis. 3 months palang pala, i bet he is still in pain. Comfort your boyfriend as much as you can, he needs you in this moment of his life. Kahit ako, kahit pangalan lang ni tatay ang naririnig ko, it will always lead me back from the beginning. And you have to start moving on all over again.

      • He is.
        I’m just glad I could be there for him. And that I could make him happy.
        There are just some times when he talks about his dad and he cries.
        All I could do is hug him because it’s painful to see him cry. 😦
        It has always been.

  9. aughh, I wonder if I’ll feel the same..

  10. muntikan na talaga ako makaiwan ng comment na “condolence pre” dahil sa pagkaspeechless. pero 12 years ago na nga to kaya hindi na applicable siguro.

    ayoko talaga mag isip muna ng patay patay na ganyan kasi nakakapraning. I just hope your Mom is now Ok. lalo ka na. ikaw pa naman nagsilbing tatay sa mga kapatid mo.

  11. 😥
    kakaiyak naman ‘tong post mo…

  12. sindi ka kandila tito..

  13. this made me cry. my father just left us today. no, he didnt die. he just went abroad. but still. argh. it really made me cry. 😦

    nice piece. :’)

  14. be strong parekoy. :’)

  15. sige na. na-tats na ko sa utong.

    ngayong tayo na ang tumatayong tatay sa mga pamilya natin, kelangan lang na magpaka-tatag para sa kanila.

    kampai kampai maldito bitch!

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