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Can’t help it

I spent my Monday afternoon in my favorite café. As I wait for my coffee to be served, a group of Korean students lined up in the counter to order. The barista took each of their orders with an extra-ordinary service, which apparently I didn’t get when I was still ordering and paying in.

I self-serviced my coffee while the barista delivered their coffees on their own table. He even offered them an upgrade. I just hate it when you are treated second class on your own native country. A sad truth about some Filipinos, having inferiority complex to foreign people and a talent to kiss ass those fair colored skins.

They went shrieking and shouting at each other, which annoyed me to the nth level prompting me to drink my coffee with clinched teeth. I didn’t go here for a Metallica concert, I came here to unwind and rest.

I don’t hate Koreans. In fact, there are few who became my friends. But there are also instances why sometimes I hate some of them. These are some of it, which I noted in my hate book.

1. I still remember one Korean classmate in my Humanity class. He called one classmate of mine a brown monkey because she’s ugly. That we are the country who catches up all “pinaglumaan” na gamit from their nation. I can still remember he referred pinaglumaan as garbage. And we are the collectors. I raised my war flag and we ended up in the dean’s office.

2. I rode a cab one time and asked him why the cab smelled like a cancer stick. I asked the driver if he smokes inside the cab, he answered me with a slight angry tone:

“No, the Koreans did”.

“And you didn’t stop them?”

“They can’t understand, as my English is limited”.

We all follow laws in other countries, why do Koreans have to make their own rules in our very OWN land?

3. A Korean and a prosti made out in a bangka one faithful night in a resort, which are both too drunk to care what they are doing. There are only two groups that night, the Koreans and us. The guard and staffs watched them with eagerness. Indeed the show is a blockbuster. My only question is, why did the management let it happened and the guard did not give them a firing shot? Bakit yung mga pinoy na gumagawa ng scandal sa public kinukulong? Bakit yung Korean pinalakpakan after ng show?

4. A friend of mine who happened to work in BIR, told me that Koreans don’t get Filipinos as their tourist guide. Isn’t it weird? Koreans as tourist guides?  In the Philippines? Does it mean they know more about our motherland than the natives? You know what’s worst? They don’t pay the goddammed taxes! Complete bullshit.

5. I worked as an English teacher before in a Korean summer camp. They did not ask for a TOR when I applied and gladly they accepted me. Here’s the bad news. The management took 20% of my salary because I did not pass one. For that simple reason? Eh hindi naman nila hinanap during application period. I learned that the parents of those students paid a hefty amount of money to send them here to study English.  And pinoy teachers/tutors only get a small amount of that money. We don’t have benefits such as allowances or even SSS.

So I shoved my resignation letter down to their ass buckets and walked away with my middle finger up in the air.

I just don’t understand it when some of us are fond of putting foreign people to pedestals giving up our own value of self-respect. Gone are the days when we are under a colony. I can’t seem to find the significance of putting the word republic in the Philippines if we are still suppressed to express ideas and emotions.

This is how I feel. This is what I think. And I will say it no matter what.


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24 thoughts on “Can’t help it

  1. di ko din hate ang mga Korean, dahil hindi naman lahat ganyan ang ugali. At hindi din naman Koreans ang may mga abusadong ugali dito sa ating bayan. Tingin ko ito ay dahil binibigyan din natin sila ng lisensya na gawin ang hindi dapat dahil karamihan din sa atin ay hindi marunong magmahal ng sariling bayan.
    I remember sinabi ng isang kasamahan ko dito na hindi daw sya Pilipino, dahil ang Pilipino daw laging late, kesyo ganyan kesyo ganito. Sinabi ko sa kanya bakit ikaw gusto ka ng Pilipinas? Kung pede ka ngang sipain sinipa ka na nun. Chaka sino bang ibang magmamalasakit sa bansa natin kundi tayo diba.


  2. I have some Korean friends and they’re okay. Not all are alike so don’t generalized.

    Most of the Koreans are in Visayas and they love the beaches in the region.

  3. Ako hate ko talaga. Telenovela, kanta, hairstyle, fandom (sucks).

  4. sabi nung isang newspaper na nabasa ko dati, koreans think na yung mga pinoy laging mang-lalamang sa kanila.. there is some truth to that.. pero agree ako na kahit anong lahi man ang pmunta dito, hindi dapat nilalagay sa pedestal.. isang colonial mentality ito na sa tingin ko, kanser ng society natin..

    hindi ko kilala ang koreans kasi wala akong kaibigan na koreans o nakasalamuha na koreans.. pero kung ang sa lagay eh, nag-kikiss-as* na ung ibang pilipino, parang wala na sa lugar un..

    • siguro nga tama din naman na may ibang pinoy na oppurtunista….even nga kapwa pinoy nilalamangan eh, how much more sa foreigners?
      my point here is, sa sobrang lax ng pinas sa mga pumapasok dito, parang mukhang inaabuso na tau…come to think of it, even the tourist guides are Koreans…which is sana trabaho na ng mga Tourism students.

  5. i agree with you with what you wrote here.. though i also somehow agree sa sinabi ng ibang nag-comment that not all of the korean “boloks” (sorry for the word) are like the people you experienced in that cafe.

    i totally understand you.. i have had some experiences with those people.. and they’re not good to tell.. as it will make you boil even more..

    i suggest you give it to them. what you think they deserve here. “in situations you can control.. only on situation you can control..” do not fret when it is something that the public does.. that’s beyond your control.. if it happens to me in a taxi.. i will go down.. which i did several times already.. those are the things that you can control..

    i experienced teaching some koreans also (not on linguistics though).. and the class is compose of 90% Pinoy.. a couple of three are koreans “sometimes”.. sorry but i give it to them.. i treat them equally.. not as foreginers.. but students like the rest of the class.. i even failed some ..

    it’s good you’ve expressed it.. for sure a lot have the same thought as you are..

  6. They’re everywheeeeeere… may biroan nga kami ng mga barkada ko na para lang silang alien…sasakopin nila tayo ng bongga!

  7. aperockstar on said:

    Not to be racial or anything, but Koreans, Taiwanese and those from mainland China are generally OK people – but they’re the worst when it comes to propert human behaviour and etiquette. Ang hilig dumura kung saan saan. Hindi nagtatakip ng bibig pag umu-ubo. Ang lalakas magsalita sa public. Mga hindi naliligo araw araw.

    I know all these and experienced it first hand because I grew up in Binondo. Nesting ground ng mga chinese and korean migrants yan. Not to mention that I studied for almost 13 years sa isang private chinese school.

  8. They say that Filipinos are racists but my small brain can’t seem to understand if we are indeed racists, why Filipinos bow to these foreigners like they’re effing god? We are too proud of our race but somehow we have inferiority complex. It is ironic! I agree with you, manoy, gone are the days that we were colonized but it seems that a lot of us have brains still wired to being a puppet.

    Inevitably though, Koreans help a lot in our economy! But we should not let them rule us by changing our way of living to conform to then but rather they should be the one obeying our rules. They should be the one doing the adapting, not us!

  9. minsan, may factor ng kayabangans mga koreans. napapansin ko lang sa mga malls. As if they are gods. pero i cant generalize all kasi hindi naman araw-araw ay nakakasalumuha ko sila 😀

  10. ganyan pala pag nagagalit ka? nag eenglish? hehe! bwisit talaga yang mga koreano na yan! dapat talaga mga koreana na lang pinapapunta rito eh. mukha silang mababait lalo na si Song Hye Kyo saka si Jun Ji-hyun ng My Sassy Girl.

    si Grace Lee welcome din sya sa pinas. maganda sya at magaling na managalog.

  11. bakit nawala tong post na ‘to kagabi? nakalimutan ko na tuloy kung ano yung sinabi kong dapat icomment.


    something about respect.

  12. hello, there.

    mas magaling tayong um-ingles kesa sa koreans, pramis! 😀

  13. I think the Barista was aiming for a good tip. Or he could just be one of those insane climbers who think associating themselves with foreigners will make them appear classier or whatever nonsense these shallow people think they will achieve.

    I don’t know how foreigners pay their taxes here, but I am pretty sure the taxes would pretty much end up being spent on our politicians’ children, grandchildren, mistresses, and baranggays. So I don’t really mind.

    But I agree. If we can show foreigners respect, we should be socially obligated to show the same amount to our fellow Filipinos. Sunugin ang mga echosera. Kazur. Haha.

  14. I worked for a Korean boss one time. She was nice. Buti na lang.

    My middle finger agrees with all your sentiments in this post!

  15. WHen I was still in Baguio wherein Koreans invaded the City of Pines, we had our own share of worst days and nyts with these guys. Actually it seems like they own Baguio anymore and created a small no big community already. There’s nothing with that, but the problem is they don’t have manners in the public.

    Dudura sa loob ng bar
    Mag-iingay sa kalye pag lasing
    At marami pang iba.

    Sisihin ang gobyerno? O We P-noys need to act?

  16. Grabe naman ang baresta na yun walang patriotism. Kaya nahirapan tayong umasinso at paglalaitin ng ibang lahi dahil sa mga taong ganyan. Irespito natin sarili at lahi natin para marespito din ng ibang lahi. dba?

  17. grabe napakabitter sa Koreans.. but i admit i am pist on some of them di ko lang nilalahat….

  18. myfilthyroom on said:

    pangalanan na yung cafe’ na yan at kung saang branch ng magkaalaman na! haha

  19. makikisawsaw.

    wala pa naman akong masamang enkuwentro sa mga Koreans, Chinese or Japs. Even the French and the Italians OK naman sila. Mejo me konting friction lang ako sa ibang Germans. Certified asshole lang siguro siya and doesn’t represent the whole Teutonic arschlong.

    Ang madalas kong maka-bangga mga egoy. Ang tindi ng persecution complex nila. Kala nila lagi mo silang minamaliit (e ka-lalaki naman ng katawan). Masyadong api-apihan ang attitude. Nakakabanas.

    Nong nasa Pinas ako I was treated with courtesy naman sa mga coffee shops. One time I left my phone sa Starbucks Baguio pero nong balikan ko isinoli no’ng kostumer na Pinoy. nakakabilib.

    Pero tama ang obserbasyon mo na minsan fascinated tayo sa mga dayuhan at nakakalungkot kung iisipin mo. Ano ba meron sila na wala tayo?

  20. yep true…

    ridiculous ryt??? gonna post this one sa page ko… that’s a very good one man

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